Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Customers expect the same seamless experience across devices and platforms – and since it all began for us in mobile, our team of developers is fully equipped for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Tablets and J2ME developments. Conceptualising and developing bespoke features, games and applications is a regular occurrence around our studio.

iOS App Development

We get excited about designing and developing iPhone and iPad applications for Apple iOS and have done so across many categories for both the South African and International markets.

We pride ourselves in developing well-considered, engaging and user-friendly mobile applications for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Android App Development

Our team of designers and developers have been working with Android mobile apps since the platform was introduced back in 2008. Our process allows us to meet our clients goals whilst creating beautiful and functional apps that are intuitive and user friendly. The apps we build aren’t just functional, they’re also responsive, which means they’ll work on a wide range of different Android devices.

Some Apps are easy, others not so much and often we are called upon to build bespoke features, which relate to how users interact with the technology, what reporting is required and in most cases how commerce and marketing can be integrated into the app in order to build the perfect app on any platform.

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