December 8, 2014
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December 9, 2014
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Curb Your Addiction

Curb Your Addiction, or C-Ya for short is based on years of neuroscience research by leading experts in the field of impulse control.  Researchers have found that in just 4 weeks, using C-Ya for half an hour per day may increase brain volume in a front brain region linked to will-power.

Fontera was tasked by Dr. Samantha Brooks of UCT to build an iOS version of her clinical tests, and to make it seem more like a game than a strenuous exercise.

How does it work?
People have been asking this question.  It is quite simple, but requires half an hour commitment from you, at least 3 times per week.  You wouldn’t go to the gym to exercise your heart or your other muscles for just 10 minutes, so why would you only spend 10 minutes exercising a muscle in your brain? In just half an hour per day Curb Your Addiction exercises a part of your brain circuitry by gradually increasing the difficulty day by day – a bit like increasing the weights that you lift at the gym as you get better and better.  Because C-Ya focuses on a specific part of the brain linked to will-power and impulse-control, it really helps to target the part of the brain that you might use to control those annoying habits.

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