Post Magento eCommerce products to Pinterest Extension

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Post Magento eCommerce products to Pinterest Extension

Magento Pinner-Post To Pinterest

Our “Pinner” plugin is an easy way to automatically share images from your Magento products catalogue to Pinterest. It offers store administrators the option to auto-post images from Magento directly to Pinterest, with minimal effort.

How the plugin works

Magento Pinterest Plugin

Once you’ve installed the plugin, all you’ll need to do is enter your Pinterest account details into the secure admin panel. See screenshot below for what the configuration panel looks like.

Magento Pinner Plugin Config

When creating a new product or editing an existing product, access the “Pinterest” panel and choose whether or not to post a particular product to Pinterest. This gives you the power to manage the volume of posts to your Pinteret boards, in case you don’t want to flood your boards with every single product in your Magento store.

If the product has multiple images, you can also select the image you want to use, add a description, and choose which board it will be pinned to.

Pinner Plugin Product Page Screenshot

Our Pinner plugin makes is possible to seamlessly post selected products to Pinterest without any extra work outside of Magento. Why not try it on your eCommerce website today. Click the link below to get the Pinner Plugin.

Buy our Pinner Plugin at the Magento Connect Store