eCommerce Optimisation and Marketing

eCommerce Optimisation

Our eCommerce Optimisation Approach

We strive to achieve a positive return on investment for our Clients by providing them with a seamless and flexible multi-channel ecosystem that includes and integrates Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click banner ad campaigns (PPC) and Social Media campaigns and monitoring.

Creativity (experimentation) and performance (measurement) are the key to how we approach digital marketing so that our Clients benefit from a single source of integration and operation and in return get the benefit of consistency and constant attention.

Our objective in this regard is simple – establish and maintain meaningful, open relationships between the Brand and its customer base, focusing on two fundamentals – Acquisition and Retention within the most business relevant digital media channels and the limitations of available resources and budget.

This is done by working with you to develop a robust KPI plan and meet the objectives set out by you as well as measure ourselves against them.

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