Omni-Channel Integration

Online Offline Integration

In 2014, the inevitable influence of mobile became an undeniably critical component of retail and eCommerce, that has truly unlocked the ability for the customer to not only browse and buy, but do so from anywhere at anytime.

Never before has the meaning of “location, location, location” been so absolutely stretched to its limits as it begins to refer more to the location of the customers preferred device than the physical location of the store.

The great challenge facing Brands and Retail is undoubtedly the delivery of positive, meaningful, value – based experiences before, during and after the purchase occasion across all channels and devices. Critically the store remains vital in its ability to provide great experiences but the winners will be the businesses that have dexterity both in bricks and clicks. Online offline integration maximises your marketing ROI by cross pollinating and enhancing elements throughout all the channels of your campaign.

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