eCommerce Trends from 2014

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December 8, 2014
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eCommerce Trends from 2014

2014 Ecommerce Trends

2014 eCommerce Trends and Predictions for 2015

In 2014 eCommerce exploded. People got clued up and interested in a term they just weren’t used to. Here’s why:

2014 eCommerce Summed Up

eCommerce On The Agenda

This year has been a year of online discovery for many businesses. And with that, comes eCommerce. As soon as businesses begun to understand what eCommerce actually means, and what it could do for them by transacting online, they were hooked. And with this came the introduction of eCommerce strategies or plans for the business to be structured in a way to use eCommerce.

Omni Channel Strategy

Omni channel. We all do it. It’s the change in consumer behaviour, and mobile has a big part to play in this. Nimble businesses have changed their strategy to engage with this new shopping behaviour. They now know that having an online store influences offline purchase. They know that they need to stop thinking about “channels”. They know that they have to start thinking about an experience that is continuous, mobile, always on, social and local – all at the same time.

Responsive (Mobile)

An increase in responsive sites has seen a more consistent customer experience – regardless of device used. Responsiveness, however, can be done badly where a user has to load more bloated css/javascript images than they should on mobile or desktop. That’s not exactly what responsiveness is about, but at least it’s a positive step forward.

UX Design and Growth Hacking

UX design and growth hacking have become household (boardroom) terms. Although designers were prototyping and sketching more, people tended to be a little more relaxed when it came to performing usability studies. It’s still a good thing though: businesses are beginning to ask how to solve their customers problems more.

SEO is back. For good

In recent years the measurability and insights from paid digital marketing made showing ROI very easy. For marketers this was too good to be true. However SEO / PPC Battle continues. With last year’s changes to Google’s algorithm it looks like a rock solid, customer-centred SEO strategy will really pay off.

Custom Audiences

Also known as retargeting, they are the banners that show products users have previously browsed. You thought remarketing banners were bad – now the products you glanced at in your Facebook feed! Look out for more, because custom audiences are going to become even more widespread.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments broke into the marketplace and with them, came the use of the once-loved QR codes. Apple Pay, Zapper and SnapScan saw real traction in 2014.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has made hosting a fast, reliable, safe eCommerce site possible – and sees platforms becoming easier and more affordable. This allowed smaller guys to compete with big business and benefit their customers.

2015 eCommerce Predictions

Omni Channel Makes Winners

For brick and mortar retailers the winning eCommerce sites will be ones that can provide a seamless cross-channel experience to their customers. This will involve deep systems integration with operations, IT, and marketing teams. To be seamless, everyone must play nice.

The Rise of the Niche

As much as the bargain hunters are never going to stop loving Amazon and Wallmart for their low low prices, I believe more niche eCommerce stores will emerge as customers who have a bit of money, will want a more unique, personal experience and product.
It’s all about the experience, and the bragging rights that come along with it.

Measurement and Big Data

The age of measuring everything, and having those leads to big data insights, is here. The big guys are getting it right already, but it’s tough for the smaller players. The rise of big data management in the startup space will level the playing field for the smaller guys to make use of their customer data.

So do your Christmas shopping online, avoid the queues and the carols and the ever-tempting Christmas specials.

Or go to the malls, and see how they’re getting foot traffic in the door.

Whatever you do, here’s to you.

And here’s to you thriving in 2015.